Sunday, March 8, 2009

Under construction!!!

Took the little kids (heretofore known as little guy and tiny girl) on a drive past the pool construction site yesterday - Little Guy LOVED looking at the enormous cranes. "There's dudes way up there, mom!" he said! Amazing how long a preschooler can watch construction equipment without getting bored. He thought it was just like Lofty from Bob the Builder ;)

Tiny Girl liked the big hole they have dug - she also liked the snow around - I can't imagine doing that kind of construction in this kind of snow! Kudos to the construction dudes!

If you have little construction lovers yourself, drive up and check it out! If you know where the Community Bowl is by BSC, just drive near that and it's just to the east of the bowl. If you don't know where that is (I didn't!) here's a better idea:

Head toward BSC from Divide Avenue on Schafer St. Take a right on Canary Ave and head back behind the High Prairie Arts and Science building (great stuff there, too!). Just over the rise you'll see enormous metal girders and the BIGGEST CRANES YOU'LL EVER SEE! That would be it!

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