Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Why "The Bubble?"

Why am I calling the building and blog "The Bubble?" you ask...

Because Mr. Bubble is from Bismarck, ND!!!!

Back in the 1960's, Harold Schafer, well-known businessman, philanthropist, and father to future ND governor Ed Schafer, invented Mr. Bubble - a favorite bubble bath of generations of families! My kiddos (especially Tiny Girl) love the picture of the bubble dude on the front of the Mr. Bubble container - it's cute and instantly recognizable!

I think nicknaming the building "The Bubble" is a great tribute to a great man and to the future of ND aquatics!!! Imagine: The Bismarck Bubbles Swim Team!!! (okay, maybe not quite what they are going for in a name, but cute nonetheless) They ought to at least put a huge Mr. Bubble logo on a wall somewhere in tribute to a North Dakota legacy!

The Bismarck Tribune had a great article in its Progress edition 2 weekends ago, but the internet link is nonfunctional. You can, however, read about Mr. Bubble here and Harold Schafer here as not only creator of Mr. Bubble and Gold Seal floor wax, but also a great supporter of the historic projects in Medora.

Happy reading! (didn't think you'd get a history lesson today, did ya?)

Check out this cute Mr. Bubble commercial from back in the day!


  1. Hi there. I represent The Village Company, Mr. Bubble's current manufacturer. Thanks so much for all your comments about the brand! Also, since your tiny girl loves it, be sure to check out for printable Mr. Bubble coupons.

  2. great web site aqua mom, can't wait for the bubble to be up and running!