Friday, April 10, 2009

Got sand????

So, if a city were to have upwards of a million sandbags, and those sandbags were ready to come down, and needed a place to empty them...and a Park District construction project needed a LOT of sand for foundation and fill work - what is the logical connection???

DUMP THE SANDBAGS AT THE AQUATIC CENTER BUILDING SITE!!!! (What a great idea - I wonder who came up with that?!?!)

Yes, there is an official dumpsite for sand, and garbage/recycle bin for the bags located just east of the Aquatic Center building site - to find it, refer to my first post, or head South down Schafer St., take a right into the parking lot after the High Prairie Arts and Science Center - the "SAND HERE" sign is in the NW corner of the parking lot.

See for the official story from Mayor Warford and the Bismarck city folk.

Next post: the walls are going up!!!

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