Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Walls are Going Up!!!

This post is a tad outdated, as I have info from this week that the last wall to enclose the building is near completion!!!! It looks like a building now!!!

These pictures are of the North wall, taken about a week ago. Following completion of the walls, the roofing work will begin - funny thing about that....they need A MONTH WITHOUT WIND in April/May in North Dakota to complete the roofing. HA! Better be making a pretty good deal with Mother Nature for that to happen!!!

I foresee a few windy days over the next month - so in about 6 weeks the HVAC (ventilation and ductwork) should begin - which is estimated at about 2 weeks worth of work. Following that, the actually digging of the pool (yay pool builders!) is slated to begin. I, for one, am really excited to see the size of this thing as it takes shape!

Next post: the financial impact of competitive swimming (not to mention diving and multi-sport events this facility will make possible - think olympic proportions :) ) - Just how much money will one great big meet bring to the Bismarck economy???

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