Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Back 2 Business...or Let's Get Physical!!!

Well, the flood danger in Bismarck has passed, and it is looking less and less like we will have flood of Fargo refugees - so let's get back to business: The Aquatics/Wellness Center!!!

Question of the week (from weeks ago) was: What exactly will be IN this building we're building?

Answer #3: A Wellness Center!
Upstairs, just above the lobby area, will be over 6000 sq feet of exercise room!!! Included will be cardio and weight equipment, as well as an Aerobics/Dance studio. The plan is to have top-of-the-line cardio equipment (TBD as to whether they will have TV's/iPod docks), free weights and machines. The Aerobics studio will host group exercise classes, and a little birdie tells me they are looking into some family activities for the space - such as Mommy and Me classes.

Sound exciting? I think so! Just another option to add to the array of workout opportunities in town - but rather conveniently located so mom and dad can raise their heart rates while the kiddos have swimming lessons or practice with the swim team!

As an integral part of the BSC campus as well, this will also fill a void for BSC students who have long been wanting a wellness center on campus. So, yes, this will be a shared facility, but one that benefits both our current community as well as the future of Bismarck (i.e. BSC college-age students, studying hard to potentially become productive Bismarck citizens!).

I, for one, am excited about the possibility of Mommy/Me classes - but also for the many health-enhancing activities there will be available in the new facility. Healthy community residents are an integral part of the community's future: healthy citizens = happy citizens = more productive community!

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